About Us

We're the Northern Charity Daleks, a bunch a guys and gals who thought it would be a good idea to build Daleks and raise some money for local charities.

The club is now run by Keith (Bruce the Dalek's Slave). Bruce is the Genesis style Dalek below. Mack has recently moved away to London but is quite welcome to join the fun any time.

We now have Dalek George, a classic 60's style Dalek, Dalek Tip a mostly cardboard construction new series Dalek similar to Mack above, Dalek Don, a gold new series Dalek and Davros has been known to make appearances on occasion. We've also got a number of other Daleks under construction and Dalek Nation is a friend of the group based in Stockton who has made appearances with us. 

Mack and Bruce have their own YouTube pages filled with fun videos of their travels. Links are in the sidebar, check them out and subscribe, you know you want to. You can also make friends with them on Facebook, just search for Dalek Bruce and Dalek Mack, you'll soon find them.

We've helped raise money for an accessible carriage at Woodhorn with our annual invasions running into it's fourth year next year.

We attend many events and help out running conventions from Woodhorn in Northumberland to Dalekmanias in Stockton. We raise money throughout the years for Children in Need, Grace House Hospice and Heel and Toe to name but a few.

We're available to do charity gigs if you want to hire us. Obviously we do not and can not make any money from our visits and appearances but we do accept money for our charities.

If you do want to hire us, details in the sidebar.

See you soon.

Keith aka Bruce the Dalek